F&L Webinars

Ignatius Press is pleased to offer webinars for the Faith and Life catechetical series. These webinars are designed to provide support on a variety of aspects of the Faith and Life Third Edition series in your school or parish. DREs, principals, pastors and catechists will all benefit from these webinars.

Hosted by Julie Johnson

Picture of Julie JohnsonJulie Johnson has over 22 years of catechetical experience in parishes and schools including 5 years as Director of Religious Education for a parish with over 2600 families. She has over 14 years of experience consulting with parishes implementing Faith and Life. Julie has given presentations throughout the US at diocesan catechetical conferences as well as training seminars for DREs, teachers, and catechists at parishes and schools. She has a BA in Elementary Education, is a certified Master Catechist and has a Master's Degree in Pastoral Theology with a Concentration in Catechesis and Evangelization from the Augustine Institute in Denver, CO.

To watch or download a webinar, just click on its topic link below. These webinars are for your benefit to be used by you, your staff as well as being shared with others.


Overview of the Faith and Life Series
For anyone who wants to know why to use the Faith and Life series, or to better understand the benefits of using Faith and Life. (30 minutes)

*NEW! Online Solutions for Elementary Catechesis
For those looking for online solutions for elementary catechesis. A brief explanation of the flipped classroom, with a complete walkthrough of Faith and Life Online powered by My Catholic Faith Delivered and an explanation other resources available. Download documents for: step-by-step procedures, contact information and pricing with special pandemic discounts available for the 2020-21 school year and Spanish step-by-step procedures.  (37 minutes)

The Flipped Classroom: How to Implement the Flipped Classroom using the Parish Catechist Manual.
For those interested in knowing more about flipping the classroom in religious education and how to flip the classroom using the Parish Catechist Manual. (50 minutes)

How to Effectively Implement the Faith and Life Series using the Parish Catechist Manual (for Parishes only)
For parish catechists using the new Faith and Life Parish Catechist Manual (for parishes using a once a week format). (57 minutes)

How to Effectively Implement the Faith and Life series using the School Teacher Manual (for Schools only)
For school teachers who are new to the Faith and Life Series. (using teacher manual for 4-5 day a week program)

Parents as the Primary Teachers of the Faith
To equip parents as the primary educators of their children’s faith, with a walk through of the  Faith and Life Family Guide. (34 minutes)

Live Webinars: To schedule a free live webinar for your parish or school with an added Q&A session, call 314-394-1228 or email julie@ignatius.com with your dates!