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All files below are PDFs. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. If you do not already have it, you can download it here


Parish Resources

Parish Catechist resources developed by the Diocese of Lincoln for every chapter of each Grade. Click HERE

The Diocese of Lincoln resources were developed for parishes using Faith and Life in a weekly classroom session. These resources include a Power Point presentation, a lesson plan, video clips and suggested activities for each chapter, organized for viewing or download from our website by Grade and Chapter. FREE for you to use.

Parish Catechist Manual

The Parish Catechist Manual is specifically designed for teaching Faith and Life in a once a week 60-90 minute lesson. More information can be found on the Parish Catechist Manual page

Parish Catechist Manual - Curriculum Outlines

See how the Parish Catechist Manual organizes lessons over the course of the year. These outlines are particularly important to understanding how the PCM organizes the flow for Sacramental Prep in Grade 2.

Parish Catechist Manual Curriculum Outlines
Grade 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Parish Catechist Manual - Appendices

Appendice A - Quizzes and Unit Tests (Password protected) - Passwords are sent to School/Parish

Appendice B - Ancillary Acitivites

Appendice C - We Go to Mass

To save space in the Parish Catechist Manual and to allow for easy updating in the future, Appendices A, B and C resources were removed from the print version and are posted here in PDF files for easy download and printing. There is also a listing by topic for Grades 1-6 below for cross-reference.

Appendices Topics List for All Grades

Parish Catechist Manual – Appendices
Grade Type Grade Type

Parish or School Resources

Sample pages of all of the Faith and Life series books are available by grade on the Scope & Sequence page.

Quiz & Unit Test Packets

These quiz and unit test packets are password protected. The password is emailed to all new Faith and Life customers. If you are a teacher or catechist, please contact the school/parish office to obtain the password.

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader and the file password in order to view these files. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you can download it here.

These quiz and unit tests are found in the Third Edition Teacher's Manual but are not part of the printed Parish Catechist Manual as they were kept out to save space. These files are made available to facilitate printing instead of photocopying the quiz/test from the Teacher's Manual and are provided for Parish use as well..

Quiz and Unit Tests – 3rd Edition
Grade 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Family Guides

The Faith and Life Family Guide is a special resource that involves the parents or guardians of each student in their weekly religious formation by providing an easy way for them to understand and review the main points taught each week in the classroom with their child at home.

Family Guides are available in print (each covers 4 grades) or as a digital CD (one for each grade level). We recommend that parents use the print version at home to facilitate ease of use and visual aids while the digital version makes it easy for a teacher, catechist or DRE to send the weekly lesson review home as a printout or emailed as a PDF for the parent to print out and use. More information can be found on our Family Guide page

Spanish Student Textbooks

The Faith and Life series includes a supplemental Student Textbook & separate Activity Book in Spanish for each grade. This Spanish textbook contains the entire text of the English student textbook translated into Spanish along with paragraph references to the English Student Textbook. Chapter questions are included, but the layout and image selection varies from the English counterpart. The Spanish Activity Book will have many of the same activities when in Q&A format, but puzzles and other forms of activities have been altered from the English Activity Book.

This supplemental student textbook in Spanish allows Spanish speaking parents and guardians of children using the English student textbook to follow along with the child's religious formation, and the Spanish textbook can be used in the classroom by Spanish speaking students. Please note that the TM is only available in English.

Sample pages of new Spanish Student Texts
Grade 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

School Resources

Detailed Curriculum Outlines

Curriculum outlines give detailed listings of the topics, aims and more of each chapter of every grade. Invaluable for every teacher to see what previous grades have covered and what higher grade levels will cover in the Faith and Life series. You have the choice of downloading them in color or black & white.

Grade Type Grade Type
1 color b&w 2 color b&w
3 color b&w 4 color b&w
5 color b&w 6 color b&w
7 color b&w 8 color b&w

Teacher's Manual designed for 5 days a week classroom usage.

The Faith and Life Teacher's Manual contains many improved features over the years that aid in preparing and implementing each lesson.

Highlights & Advantages of the school Teacher's Manual

  • Spiral binding for easy stay open pages and photocopying
  • Inserted student text pages are fully synchronized with the student textbook
  • Inserted student text pages are highlighted for the reading that applies to each individual lesson
  • Our set of quizzes, tests and answer keys (posted here online) make it easy for teachers to print from their computer
  • The layout format puts all the lesson planning boxes on the left page with the inserted student pages and other boxes on the right page for a clean and easy to follow format
  • Activity book answer keys are at the end of each chapter for the activities relating to the chapter
  • The Words to Know and Prayers sections from the student textbook appendix are included in the teacher's manual as well
  • View sample pages highlighting the features of the school Teacher's Manual: Click here.