Faith and Life Online

Entire Series available as online media rich interactive course powered by My Catholic Faith Delivered, an Ignatius Press partner

Faith and Life Online is a stand alone option engaging students with multimedia content such as videos, voice overs, interactive games and other learning activities, available in both English and Spanish.

This online full course version of the Faith and Life Series is available by subscription only through My Catholic Faith Delivered who is partnering with Ignatius Press to provide this online version. All inquiries, pricing and support is provided by My Catholic Faith Delivered. See form further below to learn more about the Faith and Life Online course or to register your parish.

Faith and Life Online is a great fit:

For schools and parishes transitioning to a digital classroom platform

As a Flipped Classroom setting, where students cover the material at home and classroom time is used for review, discussion, activities and life application. Teachers still have access online to see what students have covered, how much time they spent on acitivites as well as automated results from quizzes and tests.

For the student who is not able to attend class regularly

As a homeschool or individualized learning program that is flexible and accessible 24/7 anywhere there is a device with internet access


- Online text in English or Spanish with voice-overs to increase accessibility for students with reading or other impediments

- Embedded video clips, maps, interactive activities, flash cards, and other interactive features to enrich the learning experience

- Automated assessment tools for the teacher/catechist and administrators

- Easy reporting, easy access to overview each student's progress, time spent on the online lesson and results of online activities, tests and quizzes.

All this is powered by

and is not available for purchase via Ignatius Press sales channels. Please contact My Catholic Faith Delivered directly for more information.

"Faith and Life Online gives us the opportunity to learn the 'meat and pototoes' of Catholicism at home as a family. We use the lessons to engage the family on Sundays as an enrichment program.

This is a dynamic model that focuses on adult education, service, sacrament prep and fellowship. We like to call this program a Head to Heart approach to learning the faith."

- Program Director at Saint Alban Roe Catholic Church
St. Louis, MO


If you wish to learn more about the Faith and Life Online course or want to register your parish for the Faith and Life Online course fill out the form below.