Review Packages

There are two review package options available to Schools and Parishes. You can order either one online right now!

4 Grades Completely Free

Parishes and schools that have not used Faith and Life at all in the past 4 years can request a review package completely free! Choose any four grades and you will receive a student text, activity book, and either the school teacher's manual or parish catechist's manual for each selected grade — yours to review and keep free of charge! Have students that need a text in Spanish? We have that too and will be shipped as part of the review upon request.
Confirmation: If you are interested in reviewing the Faith and Life Confirmation option, please select Grades 7 and 8 as part of your free four grade review package.

All 8 Grades for 90 Days

Our Standard Review Package for schools and parishes new to Faith and Life (i.e. have never used Faith and Life or have not used it at all in the past 4 years) consists of the complete series of all eight grades or any grades of your choice (student text, activity book and either school teacher's or parish catechist's manual). Review the books for up to 90 days. Buy them at a 50% discount, or just pay to ship them back to us. Student textbooks in Spanish will be included upon request.

Please note that we can only ship Review Packages to schools and parishes within the USA and Canada. Review Packages are not available to other countries at this time.

Already received our Review Package? Ready to place an order for your school or Parish? Place your order for the full series: visit the Order page.