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Individuals & Home School

For individuals with credit cards, you can order Image of God online at the Ignatius Press website, or call 1-800-651-1531. Click here to order Image of God online.

Schools & Parishes

For schools and parishes in the US and Canada not currently using the Image of God catechetical series, the first step is usually to order a review package.

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Second Edition Pre-K-Gr 4 and Second Edition (Updated) Gr 5-8, Confirmation
Book Type Regular Price School Price
Who AM I?
Workbook A $9.95 $7.96
Workbook B $9.95 $7.96
Teacher's Manual $29.95 $23.96
God Loves Me
Workbook $10.95 $8.76
Teacher's Manual $39.95 $31.96
Who Has God's Life?
Grade 1
Student book $18.95 $15.16
Teacher's Manual $59.95 $47.96
Who Loves Me Always?
Grade 2
Student book $21.95 $17.56
Teacher's Manual $59.95 $47.96
Who Is Our Example?
Grade 3
Student book $21.95 $17.56
Teacher's Manual $59.95 $47.96
We Follow Jesus
Grade 4
Student book $21.95 $17.56
Teacher's Manual $59.95 $47.96
Our Mission of Love
Grade 5
Student book $21.95 $17.56
Teacher's Manual $59.95 $47.96
God's Merciful Love
Grade 6
Student book $23.95 $19.16
Teacher's Manual $59.95 $47.96
Jesus, The Way, Truth, Life
Grade 7
Student book $21.95 $17.56
Teacher's Manual $59.95 $47.96
Lord, Give Me Eternal Life
Grade 8A
Student book $10.95 $8.76
Teacher's Manual $29.95 $23.96
Christ with Us Now and Always
Grade 8B
Student book $10.95 $8.76
Teacher's Manual $29.95 $23.96
Also Available:
Spreading, Defending the Faith
Student book $13.95 $11.16
Teacher's Manual $19.95 $15.96
We Celebrate Sacrifice of Love
The Mass
Booklet $5.95 $4.76