Endorsements and Praise

Image of God 2nd Edition Pre-School through Grade 4 texts and Updated 2nd Edition Grades 5-8 and Confirmation have completed and received USCCB Conformity Listing approval.

As bishops and religious educators across the country are expressing an urgent need for sound, solid and well-produced catechetical materials which accurately represent the teachings of the Church, this series will fill an unfortunate gap in the religious education of our youth. I am grateful for your efforts and expertise.

Cardinal John J. O'Connor

Modern in presentation and doctrinally sound, this series should complement the catechesis parents are meant to provide in the home.

Cardinal Edouard Gagnon, President, Pontifical Council on the Family

An excellent program for Catholic religious instruction. I especially commend how it applies the mysteries of the faith to the children's daily lives, and the way it gives teachers scope for developing the pedagogy of each individual lesson.

Fr. John Hardon, SJ, Author, The Catholic Catechism

After reviewing the Image of God Series, grades K-3, I found that this series presents the teachings of the Catholic Faith clearly and accurately for children.

Fr. Paul LaFontaine, Pastor, St. John Vianney Church, St. Paul, Minnesota

The Image of God Series is not only rock solid doctrinally it also uniquely meets the need for a comprehensive yet simple-to-grasp synthesis of the Catholic Faith.

Douglas Bushman, Associate Director of Education, Diocese of Duluth, Minnesota

The Image of God program provides an excellent foundation for children in understanding the Bible, sacraments, and prayer. The teacher's manual provide a variety of suggestions for teaching, activities, projects and sharing. It is obvious that the authors of the Image of God program are experienced in the teaching of children.

Gary C. Wilmer, Principal, St. Charles Borromeo School, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Image of God program not only provides the children with an opportunity to learn about their Catholic faith, but it also provides catechists with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of our faith.

Ms. Lynn Gentillini, Director of Religious Education, Holy Spirit Parish, Virginia, Minnesota