The Image of God religion series is an exciting and comprehensive Catholic program that has as its foundation the creation of human beings in God’s own likeness. The greatest confirmation of man’s unique dignity is the Incarnation of Christ, the God-man who is the perfect image of the Father and who reveals God as Love, especially by the Cross and Resurrection. In revealing God, Christ showed us who we are and how to act. This emphasis on the dignity of the individual child as the foundation of this series is taken from Scripture, the documents of Vatican II, and the writing of John Paul II. It presents the Catholic Faith in a stimulating and easy to read format that is being praised by teachers, pastors, and bishops.

Image of God 2nd Edition (copyright 2014) Pre-school through Grade 4 ST and TM along with the Image of God 2nd Edition Updated (copyright 2019) Grade 5 through Grade 8 and Confirmation ST and TM are on the USCCB's Conformity listing.