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  • Paul Badde and the Pope shake hands

    Author Paul Badde with Pope Benedict XVI aboard the papal aircraft.

  • The image of Christ's face in procession in Manoppello

    Twice every year in Manoppello the image of Christ is carried in a solemn procession.

  • The Pope greets Sister Blandina

    Pope Benedict during his visit to Manoppello in 2006, with Sister Blandina and author Paul Badde.

  • The Pope looks at the image of Christ's face

    Pope Benedict during his visit to Manoppello.

  • The Holy Face of Manoppello

    The Holy Face of Manoppello.

  • Dusk at Shrine of the Holy Face

    The Shrine of the Holy Face, elevated to basilica status by Pope Benedict XVI.

  • The Pope before the Holy Face in Manoppello

    Pope Benedict before the Holy Face in Manoppello.

  • Sister Blandina's hand shows through the image of the Holy Face

    Sister Blandina demonstrates the translucent quality of the Holy Face.

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Paul Badde, born in 1948, is a best-selling author and renowned journ- alist and historian. Since 2000 he has been an editor of the German newspaper Die Welt, first as the Jerusalem correspondent and now as the Vatican correspondent in Rome. He is also the author of Maria of Guadalupe: Shaper of History, Shaper of Hearts and The Heavenly City. Read more