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Carl E. Olson

Carl E. Olson is the editor of the online magazine, IgnatiusInsight.com and the best-selling author of Will Catholics Be "Left Behind"?, (Ignatius, 2003) which was selected by the Associated Press as one of the best religious titles of 2003. Raised in a Fundamentalist home, he attended an Evangelical Bible college. Carl entered the Catholic Church in 1997 and holds an MTS from the University of Dallas. A well-respected author and the former editor of Envoy magazine, he has written for First Things, This Rock, Envoy, Crisis, National Review Online, Our Sunday Visitor, and National Catholic Register. Carl lives with his wife and daughter in Eugene, Oregon. You can read many of Carl's articles at his website, www.carl-olson.com. Click here to read an interview with Carl Olson.

Sandra Miesel

Sandra Miesel holds masters’ degrees in biochemistry and medieval history from the University of Illinois. Since 1983, she has written hundreds of articles for the Catholic press, chiefly on history, art, and hagiography. She regularly appears in Crisis magazine and is a columnist for the diocesan paper of Norwich, Connecticut. Sandra has spoken at religious and academic conferences, appeared on EWTN, and given numerous radio interviews. Outside the Catholic sphere, she has also written, analyzed, and edited fiction. Sandra and her husband John have raised three children. Click here to read an interview with Sandra Miesel.

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This powerful and timely book, written by a former Fundamentalist, is a thorough critique of the popular Fundamentalist notion of the “Rapture”—the belief that Christians will be removed from earth prior to a time of Tribulation and the Second Coming. It examines the theological, historical, and Biblical basis for “premillennial dispensationalism”, the belief system based around the Rapture, and popularized in the best-selling Left Behind books <more...>