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Love, a Fruit Always in Season
Love: A Fruit Always in Season
Daily Meditations by Mother Teresa

Works of Love are Works of Peace
Works of Love are Works of Peace
A Photographic Record
Photos by Michael Collopy

Come, Be My Light
Mother Teresa: Come be My Light
Brian Kolodiejchuk, M.C.

Where There is Love
Where There Is Love, There Is God
Mother Teresa


Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa Documentary

Mother Teresa: The Legacy
Mother Teresa: The Legacy

Mother Teresa starring Olivia Hussey
Mother Teresa
Drama starring Olivia Hussey

The Fifth Word
The Fifth Word
Animated movie on Mother Teresa for children





"Mother Teresa's daily life, as described by Msgr. Maasburg, can be put in two powerful words: holy daring. The mysterious language spoken between God and the saints is the firm belief that everything, absolutely everything, is a message of His love. This is why miracles take place."
Alice von Hildebrand, Author, The Privilege of Being a Woman

"Here is a book that I could not put down! Msgr. Leo Maasburg gives us such great insight into this very human and very holy saint. He not only shows why Mother Teresa was a saint, but points the way for us also to become saints. Read this book!"
Fr. Larry Richards, Author, Be a Man!

"With her 'ammunition' —Miraculous Medals of the Blessed Virgin Mary—that she handed out, and her determination to change the world one person at a time, Mother Teresa became an icon for charitable work in the latter part of the 20th century. Maasburg, an Austrian priest, came along for the ride as Mother Teresa's confessor and translator. His 50 stories ramble across several continents and through the decades, when this woman truly seemed to perform one miracle after another to get what she wanted and to build the Sisters of Charity into a worldwide organization. 'Mother Teresa was a missionary through and through who saw God's omnipotence and love of Jesus at work in everything and everyone,' Maasburg writes. She stood down the popes of the church and even the Sandinista rebel leaders in Nicaragua as she built a religious family that consisted of five congregations and 592 houses. This is a book for readers who want an intimate portrait of a saint in the Catholic Church."
Publishers Weekly

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