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To schedule interviews with the authors of The Miracle of Father Kapaun, POWs who served with Father Kapaun, or those associated with the miracles attributed to him, please contact Carmel Communications, or by phone at 770-591-0045.


Hi-Res Downloads

  • Media Pack – ZIP file (4.75 MB). Includes all of the below resources.
  • At Mass – JPEG image (1.11 MB). Father Emil Kapaun celebrating Mass with chaplain’s assistant Patrick J. Schuler, using the hood of a jeep as his altar, October 7, 1950.
  • In Battle – JPEG image (384 KB). Father Emil Kapaun (right) and Capt. Jerome Dolan carrying an exhausted GI off the battlefield in Korea, early in the war.
  • In Uniform – JPEG image (345 KB). Formal portrait of Father Kapaun during World War II.
  • Medal of Honor 1 – JPEG image (504 KB). From the ceremony: President Obama presenting the medal.
  • Medal of Honor 2 – JPEG image (626 KB). From the ceremony: Showing medal to press, with President Obama.
  • Medal of Honor 3 – JPEG image (705 KB). From the ceremony: President Obama's hug.
  • Medal of Honor 4 – JPEG image (589 KB). From the ceremony: The medal, presented by honor guard.
  • Book Cover – JPEG image (673 KB). A hi-res version of the Miracle of Father Kapaun book.


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“Whether you know nothing about Father Emil Kapaun or have read other books or articles about him, you will be grateful that you took the time to read this one. I am glad that I did."
Most Rev. Michael O. Jackels, Bishop of Wichita

"This is the story about a 'Man's Man!' He was a hero. He was holy. He was real. What a great book—I could not put it down and read it in one sitting! Fr. Kapaun's story will inspire you too to live your life for God and others and be the saint that God is calling you to be!"
Fr. Larry Richards,
Author, Be A Man!

"We need heroes to teach us how to live and decide in the concrete situations of our daily lives. Father Emil Kapaun is a figure whose heroism during the Korean War still serves as a lamp to guide our feet on the path of life. The Miracle of Father Kapaun will introduce you to this inspiring figure of a man for others. His care of the soldiers imprisoned with him inspired hope in them. I invite you to discover a priest, Army Chaplain, and hero on the pages of this book."
Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio, Archbishop for the Military Services, USA

"The Father Kapuan story has long been in need of more widespread knowledge. It is a priestly life of service and dignity. The record of military chaplains is a special category in the service of God and the men who fight, even a service to their enemies, as is the witness of Father Kapaun's death in a prison camp reminds us."
James V. Schall, S.J., Georgetown University

"Father Emil Kapaun was a modern American priest-hero whose unique and inspiring story should be known to every Catholic."
James Hitchcock,
Author, History of the Catholic Church

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