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Practical Resources to Supplement
Any Catechetical Series

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Ignatius Press is excited to be working with the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist to introduce an exciting new series of catechetical resources to educate young people and adults in living Christian virtue.


The Disciple of Christ—Education in Virtue® series is the perfect, practical resource to supplement any catechetical series and can be used in the classroom, in the parish, and in the home. These resources provide an intuitive means to learn about the virtues and gifts of the Holy Spirit, and enable one to discover that happiness comes from living virtuously as a disciple of Christ.


The Virtue Tree

The Virtue Tree is an instructional tool that stands at the heart of our methodology. This simple image helps students to identify how the virtues are organic and interrelated as they identify each of the Moral Virtues to its corresponding Cardinal Virtue.

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