Children of the Last Days

Children of the Last Days is a series of six novels that examine the major moral and spiritual struggles of our times. Each can be read independently of the others. The first three of the following titles, however, are best read in chronological order, for they form a trilogy within the larger work.

  • Strangers and Sojourners
  • Plague Journal
  • Eclipse of the Sun
  • Father Elijah
  • Sophia House
  • Cry of Stone
  • Elijah in Jerusalem

Reviews and Endorsements

“O'Brien is a superior spiritual story teller worthy to join the ranks of Flannery O'Connor, Graham Greene, Evelyn Waugh, and C. S. Lewis. No novel since Dostoyevski has nourished my soul like Strangers and Sojourners.”

— Peter Kreeft

“He's done it again! Tugged at our hearts, challenged our minds, and revived our spirits. A novel about despair, doubt, love, and holiness, Plague Journal will open you to new levels of commitment to the interior battle to love when love comes hardest. Bravo!”

— Ronda Chervin, Ph.D., Author, The Kiss from the Cross

“… Interweaving moments of profound consolation and ultimate spiritual hope, as in his scintillating Father Elijah, O'Brien is revealed as a novelist of penetrating spiritual insight and prophetic clarity.”

— David Lyle Jeffrey, Author, People of the Book

Father Elijah is that rare thing, a great novel which is also a testimony to orthodox Catholicism. But it is more even than this. Basing himself squarely on Scripture and human experience, O'Brien has produced a prophetic work and a manual of spiritual warfare. This compelling masterpiece will stretch your imagination in the right direction. Read it and pray.”

— Stratford Caldecott, Centre for Faith and Culture, Oxford

“If, like me, you rate Michael O’Brien as the best contemporary Catholic novelist of the North American Continent, then you will very likely also think that Sophia House is his masterpiece.”

— Ronda Chervin, Author, Kiss from the Cross

A Cry of Stone by Michael O’Brien is a delightful maze of interest. After reading it through, I re-read it again. It is inspiring, educational, and tests the sense of understanding. Altogether a good read!”

— Rita Joe, Native Canadian poet, Winner, Governor General’s Prize for Literature