Cast & Crew

Featuring some familiar and new faces, Clare and Francis has a solid cast and a great story. Read up on the lead actors and director below.

Mary Petruolo Clare

Mary Petruolo as St. Clare of Assisi

This bright blue-eyed rising star started young, getting her first miniseries at thirteen, and continued from there in Italian TV and film. Just eighteen at the time of filming, she captures the youthful exuberance of St. Clare.

Ettore Bassi Francis

Ettore Bassi as St. Francis of Assisi

A popular Italian TV and film actor, and having appeared in the miniseries St. Peter and Pope John Paul II, Ettore Bassi takes the title role of Francis. The role covers a lot of ground, from Francis's vibrant youth as a hopeful warrior to his new religious mission, and on into old age, blindness, and death.

Fabrizio Costa Director

Also director of Don Matteo, Mother Teresa, and a host of other series, Fabrizio Costa's career is constantly punctuated with popular depictions of the drama and comedy that pervade God's plan for mankind.

More Cast Members

Here are just a few numerous cast members that fill out the large narrative landscape of Clare and Francis.

Lando Buzzanca Pietro di Bernardone

Lando Buzzanca as Pietro di Bernardone, the father of Saint Francis

Lando Buzzanca plays the father of Francis, a wealthy cloth merchant who understands his son as a solder and playboy, but has a harder time with the same son's rejection of wealth.

Angela Molina Pica Bernardone

Angela Molina as Pica Bernardone, St. Francis's mother

The loving mother of Francis, Madonna Pica, is played by Angela Molina.

Gabriele Cirilli Illuminato

Gabriele Cirilli as Brother Illuminato

The Franciscan brother who accompanied Francis to seek peace with the Sultan.

Antonella Fattori Ortolana

Antonella Fattori as Clare's mother, Ortolana

The devout mother of Clare, who was to eventually join her daughters in religious life.

Ivano Marescotti Monaldo

Ivano Marescotti as Clare's uncle, Monaldo

Clare's violent uncle who was sent to bring the girls back.

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