Frequently Asked Questions

What has changed in the new edition?

Perhaps most notably, the Adoremus Hymnal has been updated to reflect the new English translation of the Mass, but also comes with other improvements and additions. Please see the Overview of Changes page for more.

Why choose the Adoremus Hymnal?

The Adoremus Hymnal, first released in 1997, is designed for use in both small parishes with few musical resources and in large parishes with full choirs. It comes in three editions, each tailored to a particular need a parish might have. (Compare edition features here...)

The hymnal provides more than just a collection of hymns. The Standard and Melody editions, for example, include texts for the unchanging parts of the Mass (in Latin and English). The hymnal provides several musical settings for the Mass, and has a carefully selected set of hymns and chants for every season of the liturgical year. It also includes a service for Benediction and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, several helpful indices, and, through this website, recordings of the hymns and Mass parts.

Please see the Hymnal Features page for a full listing and explanation.

I represent a parish. Do you offer any special discounts?

All parishes, regardless of size, are eligible for a 20% discount. Please see the Order page for details on pricing for all editions of the hymnal.

Are there any errata or corrections to the text? Who should I contact to report errors?

Any mistakes caught after printing will be reported on this site. See 'Errata' on the order page.

If you spot any needed corrections, please see the 'Contacting Us about the Hymnal' section of the contact page.

Who do I contact with questions?

Please see the Contact page if you have additional questions about ordering the hymnal or about the hymnal itself.