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Led by the Light of Truth

Some are born and raised in the truth of the Catholic Church. Others are led to it after years of searching, like those whose stories are told here. Three well-known Catholic converts, Stephen Ray, Johnnette Benkovic, and Tim Staples give their candid personal testimonies of faith and frustration, devotion and doubt, light and longing. In this compelling documentary, you'll get to know three of the most powerful voices in the Catholic Church. You'll explore their backgrounds, follow their searches, accompany them in their their homecoming to the Church, and look ahead with them as they seek to fulfill God's mission in their lives. Led By the Light Of Truth brings apologetics to life! In this second film of the best-selling conversion series, hear three unique Catholic converts, Bob Fishman, former Jew and founder of Torah of Christ Ministries, Jesse Romero, kick-boxing champion and lay evangelist, and Thomas Smith, Catholic seminarian and former Mormon missionary, give their candid personal testimonies of their journey home to the Catholic Church.


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