Fr. Donald Calloway “In light of the reality that the Virgin Mary is God’s created masterpiece and the pinnacle of the feminine mystery, there is no harder person to portray in a movie than her and, yet, Mary of Nazareth offers the best presentation of Our Lady I have ever seen. Mary of Nazareth is an absolute theological and Mariological masterpiece!  It will make you want to love her more than ever. Mary’s beauty is pure and ageless, her feminine mystery filled with wonder and virtue, and her divine motherhood is both tender and captivating.  Without a doubt, this is the most stunning portrayal of the Virgin Mary on film!”

Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC
| Author, NO TURNING BACK: A Witness to Mercy
Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 7.13.03 AM The film, Mary of Nazareth, is a beautiful portrayal of the humanity of Mary, Joseph and Jesus.  While the director of the film takes certain liberties in the movie, it remained a profound story of faith, joy, love, suffering and hope.  I would encourage everyone to see the film in order to understand the unique relationship between the members of the Holy Family and most especially the central role played by Mary as Mother of our Savior.

Most Rev. Samuel J. Aquila | Archbishop of Denver
Lisa Hendey “With careful attention to detail and a remarkable cast, Mary of Nazareth is an impressively beautiful portrait of the life of the Blessed Mother. Starting with her unique childhood and following her life through the resurrection of her son, our Lord Jesus Christ, this film will bond families ever more closely to the life of a woman who forever changed our world. Come to know Mary for the first time, or renew your friendship with the mother of us all with a cinematic work of art that brings Mary’s amazing ‘yes’ to life.”

Lisa Hendey
| Founder of CatholicMom.com
michael O'brien “This portrayal of the life of Our Lady is a work of art and a work of love. It gives us a beautiful integration of the spirit of the Gospels and realistic portrayal of ‘ordinary’ lives. It avoids melodrama while revealing layers of meaning in the truly human and divine drama. There are moments of piercing beauty. This is a very anointed work, a powerful medium of grace.”

Michael D. O’Brien
| Author, FATHER ELIJAH: An Apocalypse
Johnnette  Benkovic “I was captivated from the first scene of Mary of Nazareth to the last! My appreciation of and entry into the mysteries of faith were deepened through the beautiful cinematic depictions of the annunciation, visitation, birth of Jesus, and His passion and death. I sat in quiet meditation as the credits rolled and thanked God for the gift of His Son, the Woman whose fiat brought Him to us, and St. Joseph’s loving fatherhood which fostered Him through time.”

Johnnette  Benkovic |
Founder of Women of Grace, EWTN Radio and Television Host
Fr. Willy Raymond, CSC “Mary of Nazareth takes familiar material, the life of the Virgin Mary, and presents it in a beautiful and fresh way. The casting and acting are particularly strong. The child Mary and the adult Mary are very appealing and obviously loved by the camera. I would highly recommend this film for its fidelity to the person of Mary as presented in Sacred Scripture and Tradition. For these reasons, the person of the Mother of Jesus comes alive with a power not often seen on film.”

Fr. Willy Raymond, CSC |
National Director Family Theater Productions
Mother Assumpta Long, OP “One’s love for Jesus and Mary should certainly be increased by this beautiful film of Mary of Nazareth which profoundly shows Our Lady’s role in the Redemption.  St. Joseph, too, will win your heart.  Perhaps the greatest beauty of the film lies in the fact that the members of the Holy Family are portrayed as real flesh-and-blood people.  We loved this film!”

Mother Assumpta Long, OP |
Prioress General Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist
Steve Ray “Mary of Nazareth helps us see Our Lord through the eyes of his Mother. This sensitive and delightful movie provides new insights into the daily life of Our Lady and her relationship with her Son. Her combination of joy and sorrow, faith and questions sheds light for us our on the path of faith following the example of Mary. Gripping story, authentic background,  faithfully orthodox with beautiful cinematography.”

Steve Ray |
Host/Producer, The Footprints of God
Mother Dolores Hart “In Mary of Nazareth I was deeply surprised and delighted to discover in Mary a real woman who is taken by surprise at the incredible gift of God. I loved the beauty of the film itself and the direction which allows us to enter the story from a new point of view, with strong acting, interesting sets and beautiful photography. Anyone should find this film a joy, a story that shares the discovery of the newness of the unfathomable gift of God, becoming one of us. This film allows us to ponder, pray and rejoice in our own being loved by God Himself.”

Mother Dolores Hart, OSB |
Prioress, Abbey of Regina Laudis
Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC Mary of Nazareth the movieReally? But who can play Mary? To my surprise and delight, the actress in this film is remarkably beautiful, believable, and lovable. She opens up a window for all of us to peer into the often elusive mystery of our Blessed Mother, Mary. This film touched my heart.”Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC |Author, 33 Days to Morning Glory
Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, “Powerful, captivating, and mesmerizing—Mary of Nazareth will transport you to another place and time and you’ll grow immensely closer to the Mother of God. Highly recommended!”Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle | EWTN TV Host, Author, Rooted in Love
Fr. Andrew Apostoli, CFR “A terrific film that presents Mary as the woman of deep faith, revealing especially how she responded in her humanity to the mysterious call of God to be the mother of the Messiah, and shared so fully in his work of Redemption. This film can really help those who have questions or doubts about Mary, to see how she so generously cooperated with God’s plan to bring his Son into the world, and the great love and suffering that cost her.”Fr. Andrew Apostoli, CFR | Author, FATIMA FOR TODAY
michael Coren “Mary of Nazareth is as sensitive as it is compelling. It’s very easy for Bible-based movies to bathe in saccharine and emotionalism, but not this film. The pace, casting, and stylish use of special effects and imagination paint a unique and lasting picture. Deeply moving, deeply successful.”Michael Coren |Television Host, Syndicated Columnist, Author
Fr. Shenan J. Boquet “I don’t know of another film that so beautifully and eloquently captured the person of Mary, the Mother of God, as Mary of Nazareth.  The scene on Easter morning captivated my heart as Mary retold the account of the finding of Jesus in the Temple.  In the midst of fear, doubt and confusion, Mary, woman of faith, reassured the beloved disciples and calmed their fears.  It is Mary’s faith and trust that opens the door again to the message of Jesus as Mary Magdalene’s proclamation “He is alive” restores hope in His promise of Life for all who believe.   Mary of Nazareth is a much needed message of hope in an age of uncertainty and apprehension.”Fr. Shenan J. Boquet  | President, Human Life International
Kris McGregor ““Stunning in its beauty, breathtaking in its scope! Mary of Nazareth is simply a joy for the heart. This is the film we have been waiting for. This is the Blessed Mother we have come to know in our hearts and the depiction that we want not only our families and friends to see, but all the world as well. A joy-filled expression of faith, hope and love. The Mary of this film is no ‘pouty teenager’ or ‘hapless victim’ as she is too often portrayed in film today. No, this is our Mary, who says with trust a glorious ‘Fiat’ to the will of the Father. This work, with its gorgeous cinematic qualities and touching performances, is worthy to honor the one who would say, “I am the Handmaid of the Lord”.Kris McGregor | Radio Host/Producer, “Inside the Pages”