MARY OF NAZARETH is an epic new motion picture on the life of Mary, mother of Christ, from her childhood through the Resurrection of Jesus.

This full-length feature film about the life of Our Lady, shot in English in High Definition, was filmed in Europe in very authentic locales with outstanding cinematography, a strong cast, and a majestic music score . Actress Alissa Jung gives a beautiful, compelling and inspired portrayal of Mary. Pope Benedict XVI had the opportunity to screen this film in the Apostolic Palace, and was touched by the portrayal of Mary so movingly revealed on film.

The film vividly captures the essence of Mary’s profound faith and trust in God amidst the great mysteries that she lived with as the Mother of the Messiah, her compassionate humanity and concern for others, and the deep love that she and Jesus shared for one another. This movie underscores her special role in God’s plan for our redemption, her unique relationship with Christ, and the tremendous suffering that she endured in union with his passion and death, as well as her serene joy at his Resurrection.

Directed by acclaimed European film director Giacomo Campiotti (BAKHITA, DOCTOR ZHIVAGO, ST. GIUSEPPE MOSCATI) and written by Francesco Arlanch (RESTLESS HEART, PIUS XII, POPE JOHN PAUL II), in addition to the luminous performance by Jung, the film provides inspiring portrayals of all the main roles, including Andreas Pietschmann as Jesus, Luca Marinelli as Joseph, Paz Vega as Mary Magdalene and Antonia Liskova as Herodias. The original music score was written  by Guy Farley.

Originally a 200-minute film, it has been edited down to 153 minutes for the theatrical/DVD release.

Don’t miss your chance to bring the life of the Mother of Christ to the “Big Screen” in your own facility and have exclusive rights to sell the Mary of Nazareth DVD through October 14, 2014!

MARY OF NAZARETH is now available for parish and school screenings.

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alissa jung photo Alissa Jung – Jung plays Mary of Nazareth. The German-born actress made her stage debut in 1997 at age 16 years old. She  has acted in a multitude of TV movies and series in Europe. Her most recent film is the mystery thriller, “Open My Eyes”. Alissa founded a non-profit charitable foundation for Haiti, “Pens, Paper and Peace”, which raises funds in Germany and other countries to fund and build schools for the poorest children of Haiti.To support the work of “Pen, Paper, Peace” click on this link http://www.pen-paper-peace.org/
Andreas Pietschmann – Pietschmann plays Jesus. He has starred in numerous TV shows and series in Germany since he began his acting career in the mid-1990s. His other recent films include the drama, “Antiplano”, and the action thriller, “Hindenburg”.
Giacomo Campiotti – The director of Mary of Nazareth is well-known for having directed a number of Italian TV movies, including Bakhita, Doctor Zhivago and St. Giuseppe Moscati.
Paz Vega Paz Vega – Vega plays Mary Magdalene. The Spain-born actress has been acting since 1997. Her most well-known American movie is Spanglish, in which she appeared in a supporting role opposite Adam Sandler. Vega also works as a model.
Antonia Liskova Antonia Liskova – Liskova plays Queen Herodias. She is a Slovak-Italian actress and former model who, after a successful movie casting for her first role, became popular a TV series and movie actress.
Nikolai Kinski Nikolai Kinski – Kinski plays Judas. He was enrolled as a theater major in the UCLA School of Theatre in the mid-1990s, and has since starred in a number of German language films, after learning to speak German fluently in less than two years. More recently, he starred in 2005’s Æon Flux alongside Charlize Theron. Kinski holds dual citizenship in the United States and France.
Antonella Attili – Attili plays Ann. She is an Italian film actress.
Luca Marinelli Luca Marinelli – Marinelli plays Joseph.The Italian-born actor has been nominated for several film awards, including a Golden Globe award for Best Actor in the movie “Every Blessed Day”. His other recent films include “The Great Beauty” and “The Last Man on Earth.”
Mariano Rigillo – Rigillo plays Simon.  He is a native if Italy, and his acting career began in 1967. He has starred in numerous TV series and movies in Italy.
Marco Messeri – Messeri plays Zacharias. The Italian-born Messeri is a longtime actor, with most of his work appearing on italian TV series.
Roberto Citran – Citran plays Joachim. The Italian-born actor has starred in numerous Italian TV series and movies. He also has acted in American movies, including playing a priest in 2004’s Hotel Rwanda.
Andrea Giordana – Giordana plays Herod. Giordana comes from an Italian family of actors, including both parents and three siblings. His movie career dates to the late 1950s, and he also has appeared on stage and in numerous European television programs.
Johannes Bandrup Johannes Bandrup – Bandrup plays Antipas. He is a German native with major roles  in many European films including “Restless Heart:The Confessions of Augustine”, “Paul, The Apostle”, and “Saint Peter”.
JOazer- Thomas Trabacchi Thomas Trabacchi – Trabacchi plays Joazar. He has starred in a number of Italian TV movies and series since 1997. He also played the role of Leo in Barney’s Version, an American film about the picaresque and touching story of the politically incorrect, fully lived life of the impulsive, irascible and fearlessly blunt Barney Panofsky.
Peter-  Tony Laudadio Toni Laudadio – Laudadio plays Peter. He is an Italian film and TV actor. One of his most recent films is We Have a Pope, which centered on the relationship between the newly elected Pope and his therapist.
John- Marco Rulli Marco Rulli – Rulli plays John. His acting career began in 2008. He has appeared most often in Italia TV series.
John the Baptist- Marco Foschi Marco Foschi – Foschi plays John the Baptist. He is the son of actor and dubber Massimo Foschi, who is famous for being Darth Vader’s Italian voice. Foschi he studied at Accademia Nazionale di Arte Drammatica Silvio D’Amico, and is an actor and dubber like his father. He has been the Italian voice of Heath Ledger in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and Tom Hardy in Warrior and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

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