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We are Sorry to Announce the Discontinuation of the Catholic Book & Film Fair as well as the "I'm Dreaming of a Catholic Christmas" as fundraising events. Ignatius Night at the Movies is still available and easier than ever to order.


Bring the saints and other holy people to life right on the “BIG SCREEN” in your own church or school! It’s a marvelous opportunity to gather together for fellowship and fun, to get up close and personal with these saintly followers of God, to learn more about the Catholic Faith, to be incredibly inspired, and even to earn money by selling Ignatius Press DVDs, if you wish. We’ll give you permission to show the movies for which we own the rights, provide you with free publicity materials – including beautiful downloadable posters for some of the films. You will be able to choose from more than 100 movies: feature films and documentaries. Each movie includes a 30-day site license and three copies of the DVD you choose for only the retail cost of the three DVDs! Plus, you can take orders for more copies of that DVD at a significant discount – and we’ll even pay the shipping costs within the Continental U.S.! We’ll help you create a great Catholic Movie Night! Just don’t forget to pop the corn!